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Premium Custom USB Flash Drives

CFgear is the leading flash drive company in the industry, having provided unique and successful marketing solutions for our hundreds of customers. We've designed premium custom flash drives for bands, ad agencies, nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, schools, and many more. Our team has years of experience in developing custom flash drives and the expertise and professionalism that our customers have come to expect.

Our responsiveness and dedication to our customers allows us to design a product that is suitable to your organization's needs. We value our customers' input and aim to develop cost-effective solutions to meet your specific goals. Take some time to look over our wide selection of flash drives and accessories available to fully customize your flash drives. You'll also find words of praise from our customers and contact information.

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CFgear: The Custom Flash Drives Company

Custom Designed Flash Drives

We specialize in filling high volume orders of custom USB drives. CFgear's team of professionals guides you step by step through the design and production process. We strive to turn our sophisticated flash drive technology into your simple solution.

Over the past several years, we've engineered millions of dollars worth of flash drive solutions for hundreds of customers.

Pioneers in Flash Drive Customization

Each project gives us the chance to introduce and implement our latest technologies and innovations.

We take great pride in the fact that thousands of clients have been satisfied with our solutions. CFgear is always developing new and creative ways to stay one step ahead of the latest research and industry technology to make sure our customers are on the cutting edge of their business.

Power Your Brand with CFgear Flash Drives

High Quality, Dependable Flash Drives

All custom flash drives we produce undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance to the strict quality standards we set for ourselves.

Our clients have come to expect the best solutions from CFgear, and we strive to meet and surpass their expectations.

Our warranty is simple: should your flash drive malfunction, we'll gladly replace it.

A Wide Variety of Customization Options

CFgear designs many different kinds of styles:

Don't hesitate to send us a sketch or outline of your ideas for a custom shaped flash drive. Our creative team will work with you to design a drive to your exact specifications.

Pamper Your Drive with a Custom Printed Accessory

Accessories to Enhance Your Flash Drive

Protect your promotional flash drive by offering a metal case or velour pouch along with the drive.

Looking for an environmentally friendly case? Our recycled wooden box is perfect. Custom imprintable lanyards can give your flash drive an even more personalized style.

Key rings, string loops, and plastic blister packaging are also available.

Customize Accessories with Your Brand or Logo

Make a great impression with potential clients and customers by imprinting your accessory with your logo. These go great with custom flash drives with the same logo.

Keep your flash drive in good shape with a wooden box, custom lanyard, or leather pouch. We can also tailor our blister packaging for a sleek presentation. At that next industry convention, impress the crowd by offering complimentary flash drives.

Color Logo Imprinting, Engraving, Laser Etching

Creating Custom Flash Drives

We can advise you about which flash drive customization options will best complement your company's brand or logo design.

Our team has developed a vast variety of USB drive customization options, such as our popular BlackJack etching or high tech laser engraving options; we also offer industry standard color logo imprinting including silk screening, pad imprinting, and dome imprinting options.

Custom Flash Drives for High Volume Orders

CFgear is known throughout the business as the Flash Drive Company.

Our professional experts have the type of experience you won't find elsewhere. Since 2006, tens of thousands of custom flash drives orders have been filled by CFgear. Whether your order is for 50 flash drives or 500,000, we can design, produce, and ship your drives with unrivaled speed and skill.

High Speed Flash Drive Duplication Services

No Need to Worry About Our Flash Drive Data Duplication

When data needs to be preloaded onto hundreds or thousands of flash drives, CFgear offers affordable, efficient duplication services for drives you already own. A great alternative is to buy new custom flash drives which are preloaded with your data when they arrive on your doorstep.

By completing this easy duplication service inquiry form we can provide you with a quote.

Keep Your Costs Low With Our Custom Flash Drives

Save money by buying your flash drives directly from CFgear. When you require duplication of data across several thousand flash drives, we offer a discounted rate for our duplication service with large orders.

You can also ship your flash drives to us for duplication if you've already purchased them. Call us today at 800-371-1984 to hear our rates and arrange for shipping.

Do You Want Your Data Preloaded?

Creative Solutions for Preloading Flash Drives

Distinguish your flash drives from competitors' by choosing CFgear's data preloading system.

You can either select an option below or request a consultation to customize an original interface that meets your specifications

An Unmatched Attention to Detail

A branded computer drive icon makes a great finishing touch that impresses users and potential customers. When your flash drive is plugged into the computer, your brand or logo will be the icon representing the drive.

These tiny yet powerful details get users talking and thinking about your brand. Contact CFgear to begin your flash drive project today! Call us toll free at 800.371.1984. We're here to serve you.