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Car Owners Manual on a USB DriveIf you have ever purchased a new vehicle, you know that the glove box is shoved full of paper work, an owner’s manual, and, usually, an information manual. The owner’s manual is roughly around 2 inches thick and jam packed with a lot of information. Rather than take up space in the glove box with a thick, heavy book, automobile companies could utilize the convenience of a flash drive.

The owner’s manual could be uploaded onto a flash drive. CFgear could customize a flash drive that would store all the necessary information, along with pictures. There is also the possibility of uploading instructional videos on how to use certain options within the vehicle.

Some companies, such as Jeep, have taken the earth friendly initiative and have published their owner’s manual onto CDs. However, by placing their owner’s manual onto a flash drive, they can offer the option for the vehicle owner to add data onto the drive. The owner could keep track of their oil changes, maintenance, tire rotations, and any other service on the flash drive. This would allow them to have a record of the date and maintenance performed. This record often comes in handy years later when it is time to trade the vehicle in.

The company could still have the small, informational manual that highlights all of the main, troubleshooting points. However, rather than the large owner’s manual, the company could have a user-friendly customizable flash drive.

CFgear offers flash drives in a variety of shapes and sizes. Automobile companies can have their logo and name printed or laser-engraved in up to four colors. Upon inserting the flash drive into a USB drive, a screen will automatically pop up. This screen could be a picture of the exact year and model of the vehicle. There can then be links such as maintenance, tires, options, radio, warning lights, etc. The customer could quickly navigate to the specific link they want and see information, along with pictures or even videos.

By having a small, convenient CFgear flash drive rather than a hard copy owner’s manual, the company can provide all of the necessary information, along with the option to upload future data.

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