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Are you the type to get all of your Christmas shopping done over Thanksgiving weekend? Maybe you wake up at 3AM on Black Friday and are done shopping for your family, employees, friends, etc. by breakfast. Or, better yet, maybe you are catching on to the popular trend of Cyber Monday. Gaining popularity in the past 5 years, consumers are now going online the Monday after Thanksgiving to find the best deals. In 2009, online retailers sold over $900 million worth of merchandise to some 100 million Americans.

Happy Thanksgiving from CFgear!

In order to entice customers to purchase on Cyber Monday rather than Black Friday, online retailers are offering specials throughout the day. In fact, some retailers offer a nearly unbelievable special on a hot piece of merchandise at the top of every hour. The online retailer hopes for consumers to turn to their website every hour to find out what the next deal will be. Consumers are then left competing with millions of other customers to purchase the “limited quantity” item. What’s even more mind boggling about the Cyber Monday trend is that a greater majority of these customers are at work. In fact, Cyber Monday has been deemed the least productive work day (We’re not sure if it’s the shopping or the turkey to blame).

Many consumers plan to make large-volume purchases on Cyber Monday. Many businesses spot a special price on an item that would be beneficial to their employees or customers and scoop up hundreds of the them. Anyone that has ever been Black Friday shopping has witnessed that one person with three carts of the $0.99 white bathroom towels. No, they’re not buying them for their large family. They’re most likely purchasing them for a hotel or resort.

If you are looking for a product that would be beneficial for your employees and can be purchased in large orders, why not buy CFgear customized flash drives? The flash drive can be used to add, edit, and store Word documents, PDF files, audio or video clips, and pictures. Hand out flash drives to all of your employees as a creative, trendy Christmas gift. They can use them to be more efficient in their work tasks, as well as for personal uses.

But don’t worry about getting on CFgear’s website for a “Cyber Monday” special. Here at CFgear, we always strive to offer our customer’s factory direct pricing. We won’t take away from your workday by making you check in with our website every hour to see what the newest “special” is. Just give us a call and one of our technology experts will take the time to help you create a customized flash drive that is sure to please the recipient.

Whether you want a Christmas ornament shaped flash drive or a classy, leather business flash drive, CFgear has had the experience of creating thousands of customized options. Order Christmas presents that are trendy and actually serve a purpose. And better yet, order at your own convenience. Don’t compete with other consumers for a “limited quantity.” We’ll ship your flash drive order in a few days. No waiting for back-ordered or out of stock presents. And you don’t have to worry about submitting your credit card information online. How much easier can we make it?

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