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If you are like most people, you probably have a large collection of music saved on your computer. Perhaps you have purchased songs for around $1 each. Or, you may have chosen to download the songs illegally. Maybe you share CD and downloading costs with a group of friends.

burning all the music to CDs

Having a music collection of 2,000 songs can take up a lot of your valuable hard drive space. If you downloaded the MP3 files illegally, it may slow down your computer or increase your risk of getting a virus.

However you have obtained your music collection, you want to be sure to back it up. Previously, music lovers would purchase a pack of writable CDs to burn the files onto. The standard CD will hold about 80 minutes of uncompressed audio files (15-20 songs per CD). In order to back up your entire collection of 2,000 songs, you would need about 134 CDs.

So, now that you have spent hours burning 134 CDs, you can organize them and store them in a CD holder. You can place it under the seat of your car. You can delete the hard copy files off of your computer and free up some space.

Next time you are driving down the highway and want to hear your one favorite tune, you just need to pull out the massive binder of CDs and locate the exact one out of the 134 options. This may take a few minutes. It may be best to pull the car over. After you find the CD, insert it into the CD player and you can jam away.

However, right in the middle of the your favorite chorus, the song begins to skip. You can probably pull over again to see what is wrong with it. You are shocked to see that the CD has a tiny scratch that is forcing it to malfunction. Since you have already deleted your hard copy versions, you are frustrated that your back up copy failed.

Because CDs are more susceptible to malfunctions from dust, scratches, fingerprints, or any foreign objects, they are often not the most practical way to back up your music files. Your entire collection will be spread out over hundreds of CDs that may not even last a few months.

happy girl with music on flash driveRather than wasting hours burning CDs, why not consider another way to save your music? With an average life span of 10 years, flash drives offer music lovers a way to save thousands of MP3 files on one tiny dependable device. You can plug your flash drive into your computer, upload the songs, and back up your collection.

You may be questioning how you are going to play the songs on your car radio. Well, about 30 cars now have USB ports standard. You can simply plug in your flash drive to the USB port if you are driving a Pontiac G5 or G6, Chevy Cobalt or Malibu, Saturn Aura or Sky, or any of the 12 new Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles that feature Sync technology.

If your car doesn’t feature a USB port, you can purchase a USB adapter for around $10 at Wal-Mart or online sites such as Amazon. Having a USB port in your car will allow you to access music from your flash drive and will also serve as a source for charging devices that require a USB plug in.

Your entire collection of songs can be accessed through your vehicle’s radio commands. You are able to search through and find that one song via the radio knobs, rather than searching through hundreds of CDs.

Aside from being a dependable way to back up music and store/play thousands of songs in your car, you can also easily transport your music anywhere. If you are heading to a friend’s house, you can simply take your own flash drive full of music with to plug into their computer. A lot of CD players now also feature USB ports.

A 32GB flash drive can hold about 2,048 MP3 files (taking the place of 130 CDs). Next time you are looking for a long term solution to manage and store your music collection, consider purchasing a flash drive.

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