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Thumb drives, USB drives, flash drives—call them whatever you want, they’re used more often and can hold more data than disks, CDs, or DVDs. Whatever customization you require on the outside, it’s really the inside that counts. Whether you’ve utilized the many customizable exterior options provided by CFgear, you can take advantage of our lightning-fast, cutting-edge duplication systems for your data preloads. continue

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As the end of the year draws near, it’s that time again to reflect on 2010. The end of one year and the start of the next usually signifies a time of change for many. We set goals and resolutions and strive very hard to meet them. However, the best part of this time of the year is the opportunity to look back and spend time focusing on the positive moments of 2010.

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Here at CFgear, we’ve made many positive changes in order to better serve our customers. Most recently, we have been proud to announce that a partnership with UPS Worldwide Shipping can allow us to ship internationally all over the globe. We can now expedite delivery options to our customers in need of flash drives in a short amount of time. So whether you need 50 or 1,000 flash drives, we can provide expedited shipping options to locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. continue

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Current and potential customers often ask us, “What makes CFgear different from other custom flash drive companies?” Well, we’re glad you asked! Here are just a few reasons why we believe that CFgear is the best choice for quality promotional flash drives:

1.) Unlike many other flash drive providers, CFgear ships our flash drives directly from the factory. CFgear is 100% owned and operated from our headquarters in South Dakota.

2.) Our customers call us their “Friends in the Flash Drive Business” – it’s pretty much all we do. Our team keeps up-to-date with the latest technological advances and developments in the industry.

3.) Experience is crucial! We have designed, created, and produced literally thousands of flash drive models, as well as preloading technologies and custom interface layouts.

4.) CFgear doesn’t drop-ship from overseas, eliminating the risk of shoddy production or international customs delays, which other flash drive producers can’t guarantee.

5.) Every order is hand-packaged and inspected by CFgear’s own employees. All orders are signed off by our team for quality before being shipped.

6.) We’re always transparent with our customers; we won’t try to fleece you by offering so-called “free” gifts with an order of overpriced flash drives or other questionable offers. You always get a great value with CFgear flash drives.

7.) With our lifetime warranty for all our flash drive products, you can be sure CFgear doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our products. We only offer the best and at a great price.

8.) CFgear employees are certified technology experts, having worked with USB 3.0, PCBs, and software interfacing. We can offer advice and guidance for any questions you have about flash drives or our other products.

9.) In addition to being technologically savvy, our employees are skilled in the field of promotional marketing. We have experience developing and implementing branding and marketing campaigns.

10.) Accessories for our flash drive products are almost always in stock right at our headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We can ship them immediately to reach you as quickly as possible.

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What type of message is your promotional flash drive sending about your company? Maybe you just purchased a whole bunch of generic, plain flash drives to hand out. You don’t necessarily think that the quality or design of a promotional product will affect your clients’ opinions.

However, if you are going to hand out promotional flash drives to potential clients, consider that they represent the company and you. What message does a plain, poorly constructed flash drive send to that client? Most likely, they can cast a judgment on you based on that flash drive. If you aren’t really concerned with the quality and appearance of a promotional item, how concerned are you with your actual product which you hope to sell that client? continue

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Are you the type to get all of your Christmas shopping done over Thanksgiving weekend? Maybe you wake up at 3AM on Black Friday and are done shopping for your family, employees, friends, etc. by breakfast. Or, better yet, maybe you are catching on to the popular trend of Cyber Monday. Gaining popularity in the past 5 years, consumers are now going online the Monday after Thanksgiving to find the best deals. In 2009, online retailers sold over $900 million worth of merchandise to some 100 million Americans.

Happy Thanksgiving from CFgear!

In order to entice customers to purchase on Cyber Monday rather than Black Friday, online retailers are offering specials throughout the day. In fact, some retailers offer a nearly unbelievable special on a hot piece of merchandise at the top of every hour. The online retailer hopes for consumers to turn to their website every hour to find out what the next deal will be. Consumers are then left competing with millions of other customers to purchase the “limited quantity” item. What’s even more mind boggling about the Cyber Monday trend is that a greater majority of these customers are at work. In fact, Cyber Monday has been deemed the least productive work day (We’re not sure if it’s the shopping or the turkey to blame). continue

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