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Since we started our Free Flash Drive giveaway, we’ve had hundreds of entries from all kinds of places… from small bands looking for their break, to small town teachers trying to make a difference. It’s been a real inspiration for us to read all of the entries, and to learn more about our readers and clients.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, we’re happy to announce a recent winner of our Free Flash Drive contest: Anita Bradford from Pleasant Valley Primary School. No one can explain it better than Anita, so here is her entry into the flash drive contest: continue

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Margo submitted the following as her entry into our monthly flash drive giveaway contest:

I work for a non-profit called Jacob’s Ladder Job Center, Inc – we’ve been around since 1998 when the Welfare to Work campaign 1st started. We provide job readiness training to give folks who are unemployed or underemployed the skills necessary to land living wage jobs. continue

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Donita, a teacher with the Omaha Public School system, shares the following in her entry for our Flash Drive Giveaway Contest:

I am a middle school science teacher for 8th grade in Omaha Ne. Last year our school received a technology grant for the science and math departments. The science department now has its own computer lab which has opened up a world of opportunities for our students. We are now able to incorporate technology into their standards. continue

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In her submission to our monthly drawing for free flash drives, Victoria from Springdale, AR writes:

I am a 4th grade teacher in Springdale, Arkansas. I will have 28 students in the fall and need 28 flash drives. I promote technology in my classroom and would like to enrich my students’ technology skills through the use of flash drives. I usually have many students that cannot afford to buy a flash drive and, of course, have limited classroom funds. continue

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Patrick from Pennsylvania recently entered our Free Flash Drive Contest and wrote the following:

I am in a band, and we would really benefit from having flash drives. Right now we mostly have to rely on CDs for sharing our music with each other from computer to computer. CDs are good for awhile, but usually get scratched quickly and becomes more of a waste issue than it is helpful. continue

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A teacher from the Blue Ridge School District of Pennsylvania recently submitted the following as an entry into our monthly flash drive giveaway contest:

As an English teacher, I require my students to complete various modes of writing and multi-media projects utilizing classroom laptops. One of the statements I hear over and over from students, however, is that they are unable to cohesively finish their work at home. continue

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