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CFgear is happy to announce the third major upgrade to flash drive technology! The USB 3.0 is here, and we’re excited to have added it to our extensive catalog of quality USB flash drives! Our popular Swivel drive now comes packed with even more promotional power. What exactly does that mean? It translates into an increased data-transfer potential without slowing you down—and it’s still the size of a relatively small thumb. continue

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In April of 2010 Sony finally announced the death of the floppy disk. They will stop production in March of 2011. For many technologically savvy consumers, floppy drives were replaced in the late 1990’s by CDs.

The death of the floppy drive

However, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, floppy drives served a very important function in transporting and storing data. Yet their size and usability problems urged electronic designers to develop technology that wasn’t so vulnerable. Floppy drives were sensitive to dust, temperature extremes, and condensation. Originally introduced in 1971, the first floppy disks were 8″ in size. This eventually evolved into 5″ and later the popular 3 1/2″ format. continue

Category : Flash Drive News | Blog