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Guess is one of the most popular apparel companies in the world, and, not long ago, we at CFgear had the pleasure of working with them to develop custom USB flash drives. We love the pictured example of our work for Guess because we think that the complex and detailed picture that we’ve embedded onto the drive really shows off our awesome customization abilities. The drives that Guess selected are the CreditFlip drives, one of CFgear’s most popular flash drive models.

The CreditFlip is paper thin, ultra portable, and incredibly sleek and modern. The drives can be customized in plastic or metal, so there are countless ways to make them unique. They can also be preloaded with any information of your choosing, so Guess chose to load them with their new spring clothing line. After Guess received their drives (which we know they loved), they were sent to clients and customers all over the world!

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