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Since we started our Free Flash Drive giveaway, we’ve had hundreds of entries from all kinds of places… from small bands looking for their break, to small town teachers trying to make a difference. It’s been a real inspiration for us to read all of the entries, and to learn more about our readers and clients.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, we’re happy to announce a recent winner of our Free Flash Drive contest: Anita Bradford from Pleasant Valley Primary School. No one can explain it better than Anita, so here is her entry into the flash drive contest:

I am a teacher at Pleasant Valley Primary School, part of Battle Ground School District in the state of Washington. Last year I looked everywhere for inexpensive small flash drives so my third grade students could take home a copy of their Power Point on First Nations of North America. Every year I teach my students how to create an informative report using Power Point. It is very exciting for them and they usually pick it up very quickly and are able to use some pretty advanced options! When the students present their projects to each other in class, their parents aren’t always able to come to watch. Many students can’t bring a flash drive to take home their work. I get very little classroom money and can’t afford to buy 25 flash drives. I would love to be able to give my students this year a flash drive to use for the whole school year and to keep all their work on from the computers at school!

We’re always excited to hear how technology can be adapted into the learning environment, and that’s one thing that set Anita apart from some of our other entries. Congratulations, Anita, and please keep up the great work!

If you’re interested in winning our Free Flash Drive Giveaway, head on over to the contest website at Include a 150 word essay telling us a little about yourself, and how CFgear can help you accomplish your goals. We’re giving away 25 custom 1 GB drives each month, and you could be our next winner.

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