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In her submission to our monthly drawing for free flash drives, Victoria from Springdale, AR writes:

I am a 4th grade teacher in Springdale, Arkansas. I will have 28 students in the fall and need 28 flash drives. I promote technology in my classroom and would like to enrich my students’ technology skills through the use of flash drives. I usually have many students that cannot afford to buy a flash drive and, of course, have limited classroom funds.

students climbing stairs into schoolStudents need to be 21st century learners and demonstrate confidence in utilizing technology in and out of the classroom. Access to our computer lab is not always possible; therefore, using flash drives will give the students more opportunity to complete projects using the one mobile laptop system we have. It is vital that I set students up for future success in a digital world.

All students need to have an equitable opportunity to become familiar with and demonstrate proficiency using technology and it is my job to ensure that equity is present. I do not want a child to feel embarrassed because of lack of funds to purchase this device. Please help me develop 21st century learners! Thank you.

Thank you for your submission, Victoria!

If you would like to take part in our USB drive contest, just pop over to our contest site,, and let us know how your group would use the 25 free 1Gb logo flash drives if you won.

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