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In an ever evolving and advancing world of technology, it’s always relieving to know through all this chaos one can find actual examples of where this technology did what it is intended:

  • Simplify
  • Educate
  • Save Resources
  • Save Time
  • Save Money

This is exactly what we have been doing for nearly a decade with some of the biggest engineering firms in the world. Companies like URS, Halliburton and the Howard Green company all know the value of custom engineering flash drives for their business and clients.

personalized flash drives for companiesWhether the latest schematic of a multi-billion dollar project, to the smallest drilled test holes on a single family property, much of the CAD and 3D design layouts can easily be placed on a custom USB thumb drive. This saves time, energy and costs. Just one revision can involve as much as 500 pages of drafts and CAD drawings to be reprinted.

With a custom flash drive from CFgear, you simply upload the new file to the drive. Again, this saves time and money for everyone from the smallest local firm like our favorite in our hometown of Sioux Falls, Koch Hazard, to the some of the largest firms in the world!

Our customized USB flash drives are a perfect match for any size engineering firm and anywhere around the globe. CFgear is ready to deliver the next custom USB flash drives to engineers in a FLASH!

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