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When Ben Franklin founded America’s first lending library, the predecessor to free public libraries, he undoubtedly had no clue how technology would intersect with shelves lined in pen-and-ink resources. As of 2012, CFgear has helped meet the technology needs of a number of libraries—a fairly high number, actually: 350 and counting. From small local libraries to the Library of Congress, we’ve helped meet needs for custom library flash drives from sea to shining sea.

Even if you’re not a librarian, understanding the reasons our custom USB flash drives are helping meet the needs of these institutions might shed some light on how they can benefit your business, nonprofit organization, or special interest group.

Library Challenges

People don’t just go to the library to borrow books or utilize hard copy resources anymore. Many people use technology resources they don’t otherwise have available. Other than printing out information, many are at a loss of how to save the information they find. Of course, libraries can’t allow all customers to save files onto their computers, particularly due to security concerns and practical storage limitations. Many libraries do have CD or floppy disc drives, but there are problems with both of those options. Between compatibility and availability, the issues libraries face with both CDs and floppy disc drives have been never ceasing.

CFgear Solutions

With our custom USB flash drives, CFgear has been able to help hundreds of libraries meet their customers’ data storage needs while helping boost funding, in the process. While many library customers who utilize the available technology are those who cannot afford computers or internet service of their own, they are typically willing and able to spend a few bucks on a 128MB or even a 1GB flash drive that they can reuse for their data storage needs. If they purchase one gadget this year, we’re betting this will be it.

Since even a single 128MB drive can hold a 250-page document, that size flash drive alone is typically more than sufficient for library customers. Its simplicity and convenience make it preferable, by far, to floppy discs or CDs.

Fringe benefits that libraries are noticing include a small stream of additional revenue from flash drive sales as well as greater exposure to their services, particularly if the flash drive has the library’s logo imprinted on the casing. The influx of new patrons, combined with the satisfaction rating of long-time library users has been encouraging and can lead to greater funding, in the long run.

Continued Trends

Since our first library orders in 2009, we’ve seen some trends in this exciting market change. We’re seeing constant reorders—10, to date, from many libraries. We’re also noticing a demand for larger capacity drives such as 512MB or 1GB. As an added bonus, libraries are appreciating their new, greener image, with an estimated savings of over 100,000 sheets of paper at just one of our partner libraries.

If you’re involved in your local library or another organization that can benefit in the same way, call us up at (800) 371-1984, and let’s talk flash drives.

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Promo Dude October 3, 2012

how much would the price range for a custom drive?

Scott Van Egdom October 4, 2012

Thanks Promo Dude!

We have written a number of articles and white papers on the value and power of library flash drives. Take a look at our blog section and search under library flash drives and be ready to view some amazing results from our present research and partner libraries across the world!