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Patrick from Pennsylvania recently entered our Free Flash Drive Contest and wrote the following:

I am in a band, and we would really benefit from having flash drives. Right now we mostly have to rely on CDs for sharing our music with each other from computer to computer. CDs are good for awhile, but usually get scratched quickly and becomes more of a waste issue than it is helpful.

enter your band to win branded USB drivesSecondly we have a lot of music stored on our computer and often it is lost or the computer runs slowly because of all the space the songs take up. A flash drives would help a lot with speeding up the performance of the computer, and therefore the progress of the band.

Along with writing/recording our own music we also record and produce other local bands. These Flash drives would be a very useful tool in saving each individual band’s music and making it easier for us to not lose any of the songs that take a very long time to record and perfect.

It would be wonderful to be the future winners of this contest. It would help greatly with the success of the band.

Thanks, Patrick!

If your band or music group is interested in entering our contest to win 25 free 1 Gb custom branded flash drives, just pop over to our contest website ( and submit your 150 word essay sharing how your band or music group would use the drives. Include a link to your band or music group website, and you might earn some free publicity too!

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