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As the holidays roll in, we are all left scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Often times, the hardest people to buy for are your employees. Perhaps you have your secretary draw up a list of ideas and, upon your approval, purchase them for you. Or, maybe you like to take a more personal approach and hand pick the items yourself.

If you have multiple employees, purchasing a gift for each can get expensive. If you have only a few employees, do you purchase the same thing for everyone to avoid any hard feelings? If so, how do you pick the perfect gift that an employee of any age or gender will like?

When trying to decide upon a Christmas gift there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, make sure the gift is something that the person is actually going to use. Are you giving the gift just to give one? Or, are you giving the gift with the intention that it is actually a valuable tool or gadget that the employee can use?

Secondly, consider your true intentions. Is the gift something intended for personal use at home, such as a mug or candle? Or, is the gift intended to help the employee in the workplace? If so, how do you give them a work-related present without coming across as cheesy?

So, is there a way to give them a work-related gift that actually can be used in their personal life also? Is there a way to please each and every one of your employees regardless of age, gender, or personal taste? If you are completely stumped and can’t come up with one gift that does all of the above, chances are you will quickly become known as “that kind of boss.”

This year, give your employees a gift that they will all love to use at home or even at work. Customized flash drives can be used for a variety of tasks, are trendy, and will please anybody. The employee can add, edit, delete, and store Word documents, PDF files, music files, video clips, and their photos on the flash drive. They can use it at home to transport their vacation pictures to a friend’s house. Or, they can use it at work to save important files and documents.

However, don’t think you can just get off easy by buying plain, generic flash drives. Go one step further and surprise your employees with a CFgear flash drive that is colorful and also emphasizes brand recognition. You could choose colors that are correlated with your company or brand. You can even include your company’s name, slogan, or logo.

CFgear will work with you (or your secretary) to create the perfect Christmas gift that is sure to please any and all of your employees. Perhaps you want to offer them a classy flash drive that will be noticed by clients. The Executive or the VIP is sure to deliver. Or, maybe you want to custom create a fun design that will draw a smile from your employees. CFgear has created carrot, hamburger, truck, and even people flash drives. If your imagination can draw it, CFgear will do their best to create it. Whatever your intentions, a CFgear customized flash drive is sure to remind your employees of a thoughtful boss each and every time they use it.

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