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The box says “Simple, easy installation. Ready to use in a few moments.” However, most of us know that these claims are often well exaggerated. It may be “easy” and “quick” to a professional that has experience installing or assembling such products. However, to the common, everyday person, such assembly and installation can often be time consuming and confusing.

In fact, I fell prey to this same claim just recently. After reading a similar claim, I purchased a DIY home security system. While the website claimed that you could protect your home in a matter of “minutes,” I quickly found out that their minutes equal out to my hours. The 45 page manual was poorly written and confusing. After programming code after code, three calls to technical support, and 4 hours later, the system was installed.

With the system, I received an offer to provide an online review in exchange for a $5 Starbucks gift card. While the system works great and does its job, my review is sure to include a disappointment in the installation instructions.

In reality, I am sure that there are a large number of consumers that are frustrated each day with confusing, complex instructions. Sometimes, a simple picture can help clarify the instructions. However, a video clip of a professional actually performing the “step” would have been greatly appreciated in my situation and in many others, I’m sure.

Companies waste a great deal of money printing out elaborate, complex instruction manuals. However, they are often ineffective (especially if the installation or assembly is very complex) and lead to numerous calls to technical support.

In order to save their technical support members’ time and also money, companies should provide digital instructions with the package. A majority of their customers have access to a computer and would benefit from the digital instructions.

A company could produce mass “instruction CDs” that offer video clips and pictures during the assembly process. However, a CD only holds a limited amount of space (usually 80 minutes of audio time) and can easily malfunction. If the assembly of the product is very complex, it is likely that the CD will not be able to hold all of the necessary files, pictures, and videos.

Instead, companies could create bulk “instruction flash drives.” A CFgear 1 GB flash drive could hold up to 20,000 document pages or 640 pictures. By choosing the appropriate size (from 64 MB to even 32 GB), the company can decide which size flash drive is needed to hold all of the required information.

The flash drive can hold all of the document files filled with the instruction information. Pictures and video clips for each step can also be included. CFgear will use INSTARUN technology, which means that a specific picture or message will automatically appear when the flash drive is plugged in.

Links to the company’s website and contact information for technical support could also be included. If the company has designated “technical support” forums, a link to this may also be helpful. A “commonly asked” or “common difficulties” section should also be included.

Customers do not want to flip though page after page of a boring, plain instruction manual that lacks pictures or video clarification. Replace that with a trendy, instruction flash drive that your customer can simply plug in and see video and picture demonstrations right beside the detailed instructions. Let CFgear help design a flash drive instruction manual that will save your technical support members and customers’ time.

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