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Parties come and go. They mark milestones and share memories. From birthday celebrations to baby showers, favors are great reminders of the memories and times shared together with friends and family. Depending on the event, it can be difficult to find a favor that accommodates everyone at the party. The host should have a universal favor that all attendees can enjoy. Customized USB drives are a personal and universal gift for everyone at the event.

While bags of jelly beans or personalized tea candles are common favors at parties, the candy is often gone before the event is over and the knick-knacks are thrown into a junk drawer. Give your guests a meaningful and useful gift with a personalized USB flash drive. The flash drive can be preloaded with a special message, photographs, or any other memorabilia that would be relevant to the guests. The USB drive can be customized with the party date, theme, graphic or logo, or even a thank you message.

When choosing CFgear to customize a party favor, the USB drive can even feature a three-dimensional object of a product or be a two- dimensional drive in any size, shape, color, or material. The guests can then use your flash drive for personal use and remember the special day they shared with you every time they use the flash drive.

With dozens of designs to choose from, the customizing possibilities are unlimited at CFgear. Many USB flash drives are available in sizes ranging from 256 MB to 16 GB. Many of the flash drives are built in such a way as to have space to customize both the front and back sides with a logo, design or text. A variety of colors and materials are available to use as the host of the party designs the perfect party favor.

Photographs act as friendly reminders of the good times shared at an event. From tears of happiness to smiles of laughter, photographs should be saved in a safe, reliable place. USB drives from CFgear offer quality assurance to preserve cherished photographs. With the organization and easy accessibility of USB drives, photographs can be copied, sent to different people, and kept for years to come.

From special party slide shows and disc-jockey playlists, every detail of the party can be saved on a USB flash drive. The timeless treasures can be kept for years and years to come on the convenient location of a flash drive.

The opportunities of customization are unlimited with flash drives from CFgear. The guest of honor can even include a personalized video on the USB drive. Documents from the day can be saved on the flash drive as well. The chef or host of the party can include the recipes of the event. We can help make your unique party favor dream come true for your special event!

With customized flash drives from CFgear, party attendees can remember and cherish every detail of the event. Visit our flash drive catalog page to browse through a collection of flash drives that you can choose from to use for your event or party or, better yet, opt for our custom shaped flash drive creations. Sketch out a drawing on a napkin, and we’ll develop a prototype for your one-of-a-kind flash drive. Staff members at CFgear are more than happy to talk with you about your ideas and work with you to create exactly what you are looking for. Call us today at 800.371.1984.

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One Response to “Flash Drives as Party Favors”

abby s. September 6, 2012

i am so sick and tired of the same wedding gifts!!!!! what a cool idea. i definitely wouldnt just throw this away like jordan almonds or other junk!