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When faced with an emergency, often times people are unsure of how to respond or what to do. If you are at a family function and a relative suddenly faints, you question what to do. You are unsure of her medical history and current medications. Does she suffer from diabetes? Perhaps a piece of sugar candy would bring her blood glucose level back up? But what if she suffers from high blood sugar? Would giving her a piece of candy cause further damage?

in an emergency, a medic flash drive might save your life

Maybe it is not the diabetes which is causing her to faint at all. She may have another condition, such as high blood pressure, that can make her feel faint at times. As you wait for paramedics to arrive, you do your best to make her comfortable and pray they will know how to handle the situation.

When you arrive at the emergency room for any reason, it is not the emergency room physician’s job to identify what exactly is causing your problem. Rather, it is their job to determine that you are not in a life-threatening position. Through a process of elimination based on your symptoms, they can eliminate whether you are having a heart attack or a low sugar induced stroke.

However, what makes emergency room physician’s and paramedic’s jobs even harder is a lack of information. You may be semi-conscious or completely unconscious when transported to the hospital. The paramedics may be unsure of your previous medical history and your list of medications. If they administer a medication that interacts with your current pills, it may create a dangerous combination. If you are allergic to certain medications and one is administered, you could have a serious reaction that may turn life-threatening if undetected.

Health companies that believe in proactive living make a large profit every year selling products that alert health care professionals of conditions. Many of these companies sell bracelets that are engraved with a person’s condition (Ex: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma). They may have a small space to engrave one medication or one allergy. However, space is limited on a tiny wrist bracelet.

If the patient is allergic to 10 different pills, how would they list them on a bracelet? If a patient suffers from a combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low blood sugar, and heart disease, it is imperative information for the emergency room staff. However, can the bracelet hold all of this information? What if your medical history changes? Do you have to buy a new bracelet?

Although medical alert bracelets have served a general purpose over the years, they cannot offer enough space for all of the patient’s medical history. With technology being a crucial aspect to the medical field, alert companies can offer their customers an advanced solution that could hold a wealth of information.

Flash drives can hold an entire list of the patient’s medications, disorders, and allergies. It can even allow for special directives such as a “Do Not Resuscitate” order. Their emergency contact and family doctor’s information can be included. A general medical history of previous surgeries or ailments may assist an emergency room doctor. The flash drive can be updated at any time.

In most emergency situations, a patient may not be able to communicate crucial information to paramedics or doctors. Let your flash drive do the work for you. Place it on your key chain where it is easily accessible or purchase a flash drive bracelet. Knowing your history, medications, and allergies can often mean the difference between life and death.

Medical alert companies can offer their customers a way to have their entire medical history heard, rather than just a few engraved words on a bracelet. CFgear has customized medical alert flash drives that would work great for companies such as MedicTag. The CFgear team will gladly work with your company to ensure that your customers love the reassurance of carrying their history on a tiny, easily transportable device so much that they are recommending it to all of their friends and neighbors.

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