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As caps are thrown and hugs are shared, a high school or college graduation is filled with thousands of memories. Many of these memories include childhood friends that are going to be moving hours away to college. Some of these classmates are joining the Army and deploying. Others may be sticking around your home town looking for a job. Wherever paths may take you, your last few hours together as classmates are memories to be cherished.

Many times the professional taking video of these moments during the commencement ceremony will offer an option to purchase a CD or DVD of the video. Usually these DVDs range anywhere from $40-$100 depending on the length of the ceremony. While it is a nice gift idea, realistically a DVD or CD doesn’t hold the life span that a flash drive would.

college student happy to have graduatedA CD or DVD is susceptible to scratches, fingerprints, film, or other foreign objects. One scratch and the DVD may no longer be functional. DVDs are less efficient and effective when compared to a flash drive. Because CFgear uses only high quality and new materials, along with NAND flash memory, they have a less than 1% drive failure rate. However, in the rare event of failure, CFgear has a lifetime, no questions asked warranty.

Further more, it takes the professional a lot of time to copy hundreds of the same DVD for students. CFgear can easily reproduce hundreds of flash drives in a matter of moments. With their Pulse technology, they will guarantee that each and every flash drive has all of the digital files that the consumer specified.

Another option that the professional videographer could choose is to allow the student to upload some of their own digital files. They could perhaps upload all of their own pictures and videos onto the flash drive. Having the professional’s files, along with their own would give them a complete digital form of their commencement ceremony. It would last a lot longer compared to a DVD while also offering them the option to save their own files.

The videographer could also choose to have information pertaining to the school and ceremony placed on the drive. Perhaps the class of 2011’s flower, motto, song, officers, and such could be uploaded. With INSTARUN technology, CFgear could even have the class photo automatically pop up when the flash drive is inserted into a USB drive. A digital version of the program could even be included. This would serve as a reminder of each and every classmates’ names.

The possibilities of customization are nearly endless with a CFgear flash drive. The videographer could choose to have the flash drives be the school colors. He could have his name and logo laser engraved or printed onto the flash drive. The flash drive itself could be credit card shaped, square, round, or even in a bracelet. It could be swivel, cap less, or capped. With so many different options, the videographer could have CFgear custom design a unique flash drive that is sure to catch the eyes of the students.

So, if you are the professional in charge of preserving hundreds of students’ memories, be sure to consider CFgear flash drives. Students may glance over a bland, generic DVD, but will turn to look at colorful, customized flash drives. The benefits and pros of selling them a flash drive filled with memories over a DVD will be obvious. Preserve their memories with a CFgear customized flash drive.

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