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Over the past few years of college, I have gotten a lot of advice (usually unsolicited). Most people say, “you should become a teacher. They have nights, weekends, and summers off.” However, after spending time watching my two older cousins enter the world of teaching, I realized that this job has its perks and downfalls.

Yes, they do have nights, weekends, holidays, and summers off. However, the 9 months that they are teaching they work very hard. Their schedule may be 8-4 at the school, but the work doesn’t end there. They must come home and create lesson plans and assignments, grade tests, and usually keep up with their own educational college credits. One key trait that a teacher must have to succeed is the ability to keep organized. Some teachers just don’t have it and it shows in their scattered lesson plans and random tests. Others that are organized know just where a paper is and just what is due when.

be a smart teacher with USB technologyOne way that schools can help their teachers get more organized is by providing them with flash drives. They could order a flash drive for each employee that could have the school colors, name, and logo engraved onto it. The flash drive could be preloaded with the standard rules and policies of the school. It could also have a school calender preloaded which shows in-service days, holidays, and time off.

Although the schools could choose to have some of their important information preloaded onto the flash drive, the best part about it would be the teachers own ability to save, edit, and delete their own information.

Teachers must create lesson plans for each and every day. These lesson plans can be done by hand in a journal or planning book. However, they could also be done on the flash drive. All of their previous and future lesson plans would be saved and easily accessible. They could work on it at home and later easily transport the lightweight flash drive to work. The school could have some type of preloaded format for the lesson plans or the teachers could choose to create their own. By having all of their lessons organized before them, they will better inform the students of what will be expected in the future.

Teachers must also create many assignments for students. They may choose to do one assignment a day or several assignments a week. They usually develop these assignments at home on their own time. They could save these many assignments on their flash drive. They could access their lesson plans and use that as a guide for the assignment. They could then plug their flash drive in at the school and print out as many assignments as needed. Having all of their assignments saved on the flash drive will ensure that they never be lost pieces of paper and also that work isn’t redundant.

Tests and quizzes are also a large part of a teacher’s life. They must spend time developing tests that will challenge the students to learn. This is yet another task that is done on their own time at home. They can also save tests and quizzes on their flash drive for easy transport into the school. By having all of their tests in front of them, they can guarantee that they won’t ask the same questions from class to class.

smart elementary teacherKeeping track of grades is also very important. Many teachers choose to do this in a hand written grade book. Other schools now require grades be posted online. Since they are in charge of perhaps hundreds of students’ grades, there is no way to remember them in the event information gets lost. Having the grades backed up on a flash drive is a great way to keep them safe.

A teacher’s job is very important. They are the sole educators for generations to come. It is their responsibility to educate and challenge their students. If they are disorganized and unprepared, the students’ educations will likely suffer. However, school districts can give their teachers a piece of technology that will motivate them to stay organized and on top of things. Organized, prepared teachers means a better education and even high standardized test scores.

Any school district can benefit from flash drives. At CFgear, we will create a flash drive that is customized to your district’s needs and requirements. It will look professional and be a great aid in the teacher’s day to day responsibilities. Let CFgear create a flash drive that will impress from its customized colors and design, to its memory capabilities.

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