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Margo submitted the following as her entry into our monthly flash drive giveaway contest:

I work for a non-profit called Jacob’s Ladder Job Center, Inc – we’ve been around since 1998 when the Welfare to Work campaign 1st started. We provide job readiness training to give folks who are unemployed or underemployed the skills necessary to land living wage jobs.

teacher helping adult student learn typing skillsWe have had phenomenal success especially in this economy – where today our hire rate is averaging around 75%. I am the Technology Trainer and a few years back we added a computer literacy component to our program as we find most employers no longer accept paper applications and our clients often have little to no computer skills.

We have been providing USB drives for our clients to use during computer class to save their job search documents: resume, cover letter, references, etc. However, with the economy as it is we are looking for ways to cut our costs and not have it negatively impact our program. My concern is if we aren’t able to continue to provide free USB drives for our clients, they will often lose track of their important documents.

I hope we are successful in winning the contest and I am also looking for anyone that might want to help us meet this need.

Thank you, Margo, for entering our contest! If you don’t end up being the next monthly winner, then we do hope that someone else reading your entry will be able to chip in and help out with the incredible service you are providing. It sounds like this could be a great opportunity for a generous company to even donate a couple thousand flash drives!

If your nonprofit group would like to enter our contest (we give away 25 1Gb branded flash drives each month), just head over to and share what your group would do if you were selected as the winner.

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