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The Pendulum™ USB Drive

Drive Info

Don't ever let anyone accuse you of not keeping up with the latest trends. This sleek flash drive has a tightly fitting cap with a stylish circular pattern. Choose from Red, White, Black, Blue, or any custom color of your choice.

Size Availability

The Pendulum™ Flash Drive Specifications

Basic Specs

Material: Hard plastic or Rubberized Plastic

Sizes: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB

Standard Colors: White, Black, Red, Grey

Imprint Information

Imprint size: Front: 30mm x 10mm Back : 34mm x 10 mm

Imprint Method

1-3 color silk screen: included
4 color silk screen, full color process available

Shipping & Packaging

Ship Weight: approx. 4.5 lbs per 100
Packaging: White Paper Box or Plastic Sleeve


We suggest these accessories to enhance the Pendulum drive.


Keep your friends close, and your flash drive closer. This accessory helps any flash drive slide easily onto a keychain.


Attach a lanyard to make your drive easy to grab and to increase your branding options. You can customize the 0.6cm lanyards by imprinting your text or choosing a custom color. The 2.5 cm ones can come with or without a clip, adding even more to the options for creativity. Available in black or in custom colors.

Everything's Better in Velour

Each of our flash drive models can fit in this ornate velvet pouch. Colors include power red, dark chocolate, and midnight black.

Creative Uses

Creative Ways to Use CFgear Flash Drives

Inspired by the tapered shape of a pendulum, this flash drive works as reliably as an old grandfather clock, ticking away to keep time. The cap contains a ring-shaped pattern to add some extra flair. The long body provides plenty of space to show off your logo or text of your choice.

Consider This Scenario

Customer service representatives are often bombarded with questions pertaining to technical support and assembly instructions for their products. Often times the one page of instructions doesn’t offer enough description or pictures to clearly explain how the product is assembled. Customers may call in when they notice a few extra pieces left over. Companies do not want to waste pages of paper giving detailed pictures and descriptions, yet customer service representatives spend time delivering instructions while the customer attempts assembly.

Consider including a flash drive that can hold many pictures and descriptions. You could even include a short video clip for assembly instructions that are particularly confusing. The flash drive can be customized to match your company’s colors and can even display the company name and logo. In depth assembly can often be frustrating for customers and may create a negative impact on your business. The instructional flash drive will alleviate any assembly stress and will also be functional to their everyday use.

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