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While many teachers can probably imagine the many ways that bulk flash drives can decrease their work loads and help students streamline projects, USB flash drives can benefit absent students, as well.

Many students miss school due to illness, leave early for extracurricular events, and occasionally miss class for other reasons. Some students have special needs that make them home-bound for long periods of time. Such situations often require teachers to collect classwork, write lengthy explanations of requirements, and print extra sets of notes. Sometimes, teacher descriptions end up being less-than-legible, hand-scrawled notes hurriedly penned between classes.

Even when legible and thorough documentation is sent home, students lack the full benefit of being part of the class lecture or discussion. When students are faced with the hodgepodge of packets from each teacher, it can be overwhelming and difficult to wade through. Sometimes, negative results include lower grades or even dropping out.

With USB flash drives, the hassle and inadequacy of papers being delivered to students can be avoided. In addition to assignments and class notes, the teacher has the freedom of verbally explaining any detailed instructions orally or on video and saving that file to the flash drive. Photographs of project examples can also be included, and lectures and class discussions can also be recorded for student viewing.

For planned absences, such as sports games or orthodontist appointments, assignments can be loaded onto USB flash drives at the beginning of the day, so students can pick them up before leaving school. If teachers have already led one section of the course, the video of that lecture or discussion can be loaded, as well.

For students missing an entire day or week of school, teachers can coordinate with the office to ensure that information from each class is loaded onto a flash drive for the absent student, with a file folder for each class inside one for each day. A well-organized thumb-sized device will be far less overwhelming for the student, while creating less clutter for the office.

In schools or during seasons when absences are regular, teachers can plan ahead and avoid last-minute stress by saving the day’s assignments and other files to a USB flash drive each day and delivering it to the office, where a student aid can copy the day’s folders onto flash drives for each student that missed the class.

Bulk flash drives for absent or home-bound students can also give students the opportunity to communicate with teachers, when live or real-time interactions are impossible. Students can record their questions in their preference of video, audio, or text formats, and return the flash drive to the school for the teacher to review. Especially for hands-on projects or technology-related questions, being able to show the teacher exactly what they’re working on is ideal.

For any schools with students who don’t always have perfect attendance, bulk flash drives are a must-have item to help retain the sanity of office staff, teachers, and absentee students in your school.

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