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How to Put Flash Drives to Work for You

Increase Feedback from Customers with Flash Drive Giveaways

Having trouble getting customers to take your surveys? Customer feedback is valuable to marketing, but it’s hard to get people to respond. Sometimes writing a few lines on the bottom of a receipt about entering a contest to win a gift card just isn’t enough to get people to leave feedback. Read more

Go Green - Replace Paper Catalogs with Flash Drives

After I received a box of clothes I’d ordered recently, I cut through the packing tape and flipped up the cardboard top. I reached inside, thinking to find my new shirts, only to find a catalog. I pulled that out, only to find a brochure that promised free shipping on any order I completed within the next month. Read more

Preload Flash Drives with College Correspondence Courses

College students who want to put their vacations to good use often take a correspondence course. They might take this course through their own college or might find a local community college that offers the same course. Read more

Go High Tech with Flash Drive Museum Souvenirs

What’s your idea of an exciting vacation? You may love anything from riding roller coasters to riding boats, going to the beach to hiking through the mountains, walking through city streets to browsing through a museum. Read more

Check Our Some More Suggestions for USB Flash Drives

Political Flash Drives

Great for campaign giveaways! Read more

Travel Agency USB Drives

Creatively promote travel packages. Read more

Market Your Band

Share your tunes with flash drives. Read more

Propose with a Flash Drive

Woo her with a heart to heart USB drive! Read more

Sell Your Fine Art

Go from starving artist to successful artist! Read more

Day Care USB Drives

Market your childcare programs. Read more