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Raise Money with Flash Drives!

Put custom flash drives to work in a fundraiser for your school or organization.

Annually, CFgear helps countless nonprofit groups raise funds for worthy causes. Nonprofit groups including youth sports organizations, bands, churches, scouts, parent-teacher associations (PTAs), school groups, parent-teacher organizations (PTOs), and many other independent organizations all have worked with CFgear to develop innovative fund raising programs.

It's easy to find chocolate chip cookies or pens for fundraising, but finding a trustworthy partner for a technology based fundraiser provides another challenge. Here at CFgear, we know how to utilize technology to effectively raise money for a cause. With our many years of experience with custom flash drives, we can guide you each step of the way in developing a flash drive project that meets your needs. We also understand that you don't want any cheaply built, short-living flash drives. We'll help you develop custom drives that last and provide clients with a positive experience.

We at CFgear ensure that your program receives every ounce of our attention! Flash drives are a super popular fund raising tool today, with so many options: various body materials (metal, plastic, leather, wood), bright colors, custom logos, and more. Of course, quick development and delivery adds to client satisfaction. Also, we guarantee top quality customer service for each of our customers. We'll do everything we can to make each fundraiser we're involved with to prosper!

Our simple 4 Step Process to Fundraising

1.) Scroll down to find our Fundraising Proposal form, where you can give us some basic information about yourself and what you have in mind for your fundraiser. You can also give us a call at 800-371-1984 and we'll put you in touch with one of our fundraising specialists who can provide more details about our program.

2.) Determine the number of flash drives you realistically hope to sell from your fundraiser, along with the price range you feel is right for your potential customers. Our prices are very flexible and can fit in any budget; our drives range in size from 64MB to 64GB, so you have plenty of options for choosing a flash drive. Typically our fundraising programs result in over 30% of sales going toward the fundraiser's profit.

3.) After finalizing the initial design of your flash drives and developing some samples, we'll send you pictures of the drive for your final approval. If you're satisfied with the look, we can immediately send you the order forms so you can start your fundraising drive as soon as possible.

4.) Our payment plan is unique – no money down is required, and you won't pay a cent until after the fundraiser has wrapped up. This allows you to gather all the orders from your customers with your pre-printed forms and collect their payment at a later date, if need be. The forms come with a picture of the flash drive, so your customers will be able to see what they're paying for. At the end of the fundraiser, simply collect payments from your customers and send us your forms; we can then finalize the orders and payment method.

5.) Our most successful fundraising customer used our flash drives to earn more than $2000 for a California high school booster club. If your fundraiser can beat that number, we'll write a feature story on your organization and the fundraiser and post it to our website to show other fundraisers how effective technology-based fundraising campaigns can be. Even if you don't earn $2000, send us your story! We love to see pictures and hear the details about your campaign, and we may even write a post about it on our company blog.

Get in touch today at 800-371-1984 to discuss the details of your upcoming fundraising drive.

School Flash Drive Fundraiser Ideas

Take a look at these four ways that you can raise funds using school branded USB drives.

  1. Special Events

    Preload video from an event (concert, graduation, play, game, etc.) onto a school branded USB drive and sell it to students and parents.

  2. School Store

    Use custom lanyards, blister packaging, and other accessories to turn your custom branded USB drives into a fundraising item for students and faculty to purchase in your school's store.

  3. Sponsorship

    Give local businesses the option to contribute toward the cost of the flash drives. Preload promotional content about their company, or imprint a business logo on the opposite side of the school's logo.

  4. School Spirit

    Develop a calendar of events for a specific school group to preload onto the drive. This product can help build students' loyalty to that organization and promote general school spirit.

Start Your Own Flash Drive Fundraiser

To learn more about how your school or nonprofit organization can begin raising funds with flash drives, fill out this form.