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Flash Drives Offer Many Marketing Opportunities

Flash drives work sort of like hard drives that are portable and reusable. Your clients and prospects can carry them in a pocket, wear them around the neck as a necklace, or use them as a keychain. Here at CFgear, we even offer USB flash drive pens, which write like a regular pen but also contain flash memory inside. 

Flash drives connect to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port in your computer and generally can contain from 64 megabytes to 128 gigabytes of data. USB drives have become much more popular over the last decade, as almost all computers now contain USB ports and memory capacities have grown. The usefulness and capabilities of flash drives have resulted in many possibilities with flash drive marketing. 

Business professionals seeking to keep up with the times continue developing new ways to use flash drives practically in marketing.

Custom Flash Drive Marketing Provides Branded Products for Clients

Flash drives can be customized by professionally imprinting in color or laser etching an organization's logo. With their many options, custom logo USB drives have quickly become popular for conventions and trade shows.

Many companies give branded custom logo USB drives to significant clients, giving them a constant reminder of the company every time they use the flash drive for backing up files or transferring documents.

Offering your current and potential customers promotional USB drives markets your company well by keeping your brand visible to clients while providing them a valuable piece of technology they can continue to use.

Flash Drive Marketing Targets Your Brand to Your Audience

Marketing USB flash drives goes beyond branded trade show giveaways. Taking advantage of current memory capacities, creative professionals are preloading video, data, music, or other files to their custom drives. You can choose to preload any type of file that you wish. A flash drive can be set to load up a specific website or to automatically run a marketing message once the user plugs it in. Clients can continue to use the promotional flash drive, storing their personal content along with the pre-loaded content. Marketing couldn't get much more efficient than this. Organizations can combine a targeted message (presentation or message preloaded onto a drive) with a branded product (custom logo flash drive). 

The concept of using USB flash drives to convey marketing messages started several years ago, when car manufacturers gave out flash drives preloaded with presentations about features of their latest models. This idea spread quickly to companies of all sizes. Smart marketers in all types of industries have used flash drive marketing to stand out above other organizations and promote their messages to the world.

Ideas for USB Drive Marketing in Business Organizations:

1. By using flash drives, companies can cut back on printing costs, thus freeing up funds for spending in other areas. Why print multiple catalogs when you can load the content straight onto flash drives? You can even play your trademark melody in the background and make it a complete interactive experience.

2. Creative and design agencies can develop multimedia portfolios, which can contain links to further content online. 

3. Companies and organizations can provide required work materials, manuals, and handbooks on flash drives for new employees. These drives can also display your organization's colors and logo. Employees can then help your clients and prospects more effectively, accessing all this information simply by plugging in the USB drive. By using a customized flash drive, you can show extra attention for your employees. Your professional touch will influence your employees when they deal with your clients.  

4. Companies can hand out flash drives at a trade show or send them via direct mail. Often, organizations distribute pens, magnets, brochures, or business cards. All too often, people simply throw away or lose these products. The companies who achieve the most success at trade shows find creative, original ways to send their messages and promote their products or services most effectively. 

As the memory capacities and feature options for flash drives increase, business professionals will keep finding fresh ways to utilize flash drive marketing. Creativity only stops with your imagination with custom flash drives.

About CFgear

CFGear -- the leading producer of custom USB drives -- helps companies increase their awareness by more than 100% by using customized USB flash drive marketing programs. You can reduce your direct marketing and advertising expenses by half when you provide prospects and customers with a targeted message and a branded product. Think ahead toward your business's future by looking at our promotional flash drive catalogs.