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Graduation is right around the corner. It couldn’t come soon enough since you’ve spent the better part of your life preparing to enter the daily grind. Even though the semester has just begun and your work load isn’t incredibly heavy, you still need to line up a job which can be a full time job in itself. The school’s career center can only go so far to help, so it’s up to you. You look in the newspapers and don’t really find anything that matches the criteria you are looking for. McDonald’s is no longer an option to you. It’d be really nice if there was someone out there who could help me with this whole process, you think to yourself.

the challenges of looking for a new jobThen, Uncle Charles enters the picture. He shakes your hand and congratulates you for getting as far as you did. You talk about your future plans but don’t admit that you are having no such luck in finding anything. That’s when Uncle Charlie reaches in his pocket and pulls out a tin. You pull the lid off to reveal a customized CFgear flash drive with your name engraved on it. You make a confused face and are about ready to question him when he cuts you off. He tells you to plug it in and trust him. So when you get to a computer next, you do just that. A menu pops open with several links to click, and you smile. Uncle Charlie has just made your job search one hundred times easier.

The flash drive contains links to job magazines and career websites that automatically update on your flash drive every time you connect the flash drive to a computer that has internet access. There are other documents on the flash drive as well, such as a stats list on the most employable cities, things to consider when choosing a town to live in, and a list of qualities you should look for in possible jobs. Your uncle even included tips on packing and moving, and he created and preloaded a list of road songs in case you decide it’s time to fly the coop and head for another city or state.

The best part is that this flash drive not only makes your search process go a little more smoothly and gives you extra tips and advice on things you never considered, it also has room for you to save any other documents on it, whether that means a comparison list of prospective jobs or the research paper from your history class. Your Uncle Charlie hit the nail on the head with this graduation present.

Contact the CFgear custom flash drive team today at 800.371.1984 to learn how you can put your ingenious idea on a flash drive.

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