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When Ben Franklin founded America’s first lending library, the predecessor to free public libraries, he undoubtedly had no clue how technology would intersect with shelves lined in pen-and-ink resources. As of 2012, CFgear has helped meet the technology needs of a number of libraries—a fairly high number, actually: 350 and counting. From small local libraries to the Library of Congress, we’ve helped meet needs for custom library flash drives from sea to shining sea.

Even if you’re not a librarian, understanding the reasons our custom USB flash drives are helping meet the needs of these institutions might shed some light on how they can benefit your business, nonprofit organization, or special interest group.

Library Challenges

People don’t just go to the library to borrow books or utilize hard copy resources anymore. Many people use technology resources they don’t otherwise have available. Other than printing out information, many are at a loss of how to save the information they find. Of course, libraries can’t allow all customers to save files onto their computers, particularly due to security concerns and practical storage limitations. Many libraries do have CD or floppy disc drives, but there are problems with both of those options. Between compatibility and availability, the issues libraries face with both CDs and floppy disc drives have been never ceasing. continue

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While many teachers can probably imagine the many ways that bulk flash drives can decrease their work loads and help students streamline projects, USB flash drives can benefit absent students, as well.

Many students miss school due to illness, leave early for extracurricular events, and occasionally miss class for other reasons. Some students have special needs that make them home-bound for long periods of time. Such situations often require teachers to collect classwork, write lengthy explanations of requirements, and print extra sets of notes. Sometimes, teacher descriptions end up being less-than-legible, hand-scrawled notes hurriedly penned between classes.

Even when legible and thorough documentation is sent home, students lack the full benefit of being part of the class lecture or discussion. When students are faced with the hodgepodge of packets from each teacher, it can be overwhelming and difficult to wade through. Sometimes, negative results include lower grades or even dropping out. continue

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Parties come and go. They mark milestones and share memories. From birthday celebrations to baby showers, favors are great reminders of the memories and times shared together with friends and family. Depending on the event, it can be difficult to find a favor that accommodates everyone at the party. The host should have a universal favor that all attendees can enjoy. Customized USB drives are a personal and universal gift for everyone at the event.

While bags of jelly beans or personalized tea candles are common favors at parties, the candy is often gone before the event is over and the knick-knacks are thrown into a junk drawer. Give your guests a meaningful and useful gift with a personalized USB flash drive. The flash drive can be preloaded with a special message, photographs, or any other memorabilia that would be relevant to the guests. The USB drive can be customized with the party date, theme, graphic or logo, or even a thank you message. continue

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There are many dads of the world who deserve the “Dad of the Year” award. From coaching Little League to providing food and shelter for their families, dads deserve to be praised.

Whether it is Father’s Day or a typical Thursday, every dad will appreciate the surprise of a customized USB drive to organize their busy lives.

Fathers everywhere will be able to use their customized USB drives for a multitude of purposes.

Many dads use computers to document their work. A USB drive is convenient for them to transfer their work from the home office to the work office. They can save documents, presentations, and any information needed. With easy accessibility, they can update projects and transfer documents from computer to computer. continue

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Thumb drives, USB drives, flash drives—call them whatever you want, they’re used more often and can hold more data than disks, CDs, or DVDs. Whatever customization you require on the outside, it’s really the inside that counts. Whether you’ve utilized the many customizable exterior options provided by CFgear, you can take advantage of our lightning-fast, cutting-edge duplication systems for your data preloads. continue

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CFgear is happy to announce the third major upgrade to flash drive technology! The USB 3.0 is here, and we’re excited to have added it to our extensive catalog of quality USB flash drives! Our popular Swivel drive now comes packed with even more promotional power. What exactly does that mean? It translates into an increased data-transfer potential without slowing you down—and it’s still the size of a relatively small thumb. continue

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Since we started our Free Flash Drive giveaway, we’ve had hundreds of entries from all kinds of places… from small bands looking for their break, to small town teachers trying to make a difference. It’s been a real inspiration for us to read all of the entries, and to learn more about our readers and clients.

In keeping with the spirit of giving, we’re happy to announce a recent winner of our Free Flash Drive contest: Anita Bradford from Pleasant Valley Primary School. No one can explain it better than Anita, so here is her entry into the flash drive contest: continue

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