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You have just booked your dream vacation to Paris. You will be spending 2 weeks hitting up all of the main tourist spots, the Eiffel Tower, and enjoying all of the yummy food. However, you are feeling a little nervous. Your French speaking abilities are a bare minimum and probably won’t get you very far. You are looking for a easy, quick way to learn French without having to read through a ton of books.

tourists at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, FrancePerhaps “How to learn French” manufacturers are looking for a way to provide tools to teach the language to their customers. They want something that is easily accessible, easily transportable, and well organized. Many of these manufacturers are considering putting their languages onto CDs or DVDs. However, their services are often not very cheap. A CD or DVD could scratch and be ruined, making customers angry. They want a solution that will provide their customers with long term access to learning another language.

Perhaps these manufacturers could preload all of the information onto customized flash drives. At CFgear, we use our Pulse technology to preload any information including Word documents, PDF files, videos, pictures, and audio files. The manufacturer could have sections that offer tips for remembering words. They could even have a section that would have some of the most common questions, comments, and statements that a tourist would use.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, FrancePeople are often visual learners, so perhaps the manufacturer could incorporate pictures or videos with certain words. They could even have a section for games that can be used in the memorization process. They could make learning a new language a fun experience. They could provide links to their websites that could offer further instruction or games.

Having a wide arrangement of words, phrases, and questions organized in an efficient manner will make the learning of the language easier for your customer. Making it fun will also make them want to recommend it to friends. When they are on vacation and talking to other tourists, they may be asked how they know the language so well. They can recommend a fun, efficient way to learn French with your product.

If you are looking for a way to offer the instruction of languages (whether its French or any other one) to your customers, preloading the information onto flash drives will give you a competitive edge over the many other companies like yours. CFgear can customize the appearance of the flash drive to your requests of colors. We can include your company’s name and logo. We’ll ensure that the appearance is professional and that the uploaded material all works correctly.

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