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add cake recipes to flash drivesWith most restaurant meals costing $10 or more, many people would like the option to create these same recipes at home. Sometimes restaurants offer recipes on their web-sites that can be printed out. Many people save these recipes to their hard drives and waste valuable computer space. Other times, restaurants will offer a cookbook that weighs a couple pounds and isn’t always well organized.

Usually, when you print out the recipe or get the book home, it doesn’t hold up very well. Sitting on a counter amidst the stove, sink, and refrigerator, the fragile pieces of paper become wet and stained. Another option that could be offered is a flash drive jam-packed with favorite recipes. Restaurants and caterers could take advantage of this unique way to sell their recipes.

Organizations such as churches, the American Cancer Society, and even ladies auxiliaries are always creating cook books for fundraisers. Rather than wasting money on paper, ink, and bounding services, they could have all of the members’ favorite recipes compiled onto a flash drive. The recipes could be organized and easily viewed by the purchaser.

The customer could plug the flash drive into their computer and have recipes right at their fingertips. They could set their laptop on the kitchen table where it would avoid any spills or splatters. Having recipes saved on a flash drive eliminates the need to print and waste paper and ink. It also eliminates using much needed hard drive space on your computer.

CFgear can customize a flash drive that will allow customers the flexibility to easily take their recipes with them and avoid having a stained piece of paper. Upon inserting the flash drive, the customer could automatically see pictures of meals with easy links to the different types of meats, sides, salads, etc. Directions or videos could also be uploaded in order to assist in the cooking process. Restaurants could have the option to have their logo, name, and information pop up automatically.

The wood, metal, or plastic flash drives can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color. The company’s name and logo could then be printed or laser-engraved onto the flash drive. CFgear can create a unique, professional looking flash drive that will impress the customer.

Organizations, restaurants, and caterers can check out all many options that CFgear has to offer on our website.

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