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The line “dress for success” may seem like an outdated maxim, but it tends to be true in the professional business world. What color should my tie be? Should I go with stripes or dots? How about wide or thin? How big should the knot be? What color should my shirt be? Thin or wide collars? These are just a sampling of the questions a fashion-conscious professional considers when dressing for a day at work. He or she wants to come across as dressed professionally while being up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. It might seem shallow, but the fact is that many people judge coworkers or other businessmen and women based on how they dress each day.

USB flash drives for fashion clothing retail catalogs

Fashions are always changing, and it can be difficult for anyone to pay attention to which colors or styles are currently popular. Here’s where clothing stores have an opportunity – they can help inform their potential customers about the newest clothes and fashions. When customers know more about what a store has to offer, they are more likely to shop there.

To reach out to those conscious of their style, flash drives can be helpful for retailers seeking to attract more business. These flash drives can be preloaded every season with pictures and descriptions of new fashion trends, and could be offered at the store for a small fee or given as a free gift with purchases at the store that exceed a specific amount, like $75.

Offering a custom USB drive at the checkout is a great incentive for shoppers to purchase multiple items at a single store. The flash drive has its uses beyond just giving trendy fashion tips; it can be used to store and transfer personal data and files easily and securely. Video clips, pictures, music, and text documents can all be loaded onto the flash drive for sharing between computers. It’s hard for someone not to find a helpful use for a customized flash drive.

retail clothing stores give shoppers flash drivesA researcher working on fashion for the store could compose articles on each season’s must-haves in skirts, dresses, hats, shirts, pants, colors, and more. Pictures of models in the latest clothes offered at the store can accompany these original articles to give the customer two ways to evaluate the clothes.

The store’s flash drives could also come with helpful links to resources on the store’s website or discounts exclusively available from using the flash drive. This gives shoppers an easy way to directly purchase that new shirt or dress from the retailer’s website without having to visit the store.

CFgear offers these flash drives for large orders and can imprint a logo of up to four colors onto each drive. Using Pantone color matching, CFgear makes sure the logo meets the exact color specifications required by the store. Custom packaging from CFgear is also available. CFgear’s experts work carefully to make flash drives which are a classy complement to any fashion display.

This season, consider ordering custom USB drives to market the latest fashions. CFgear can work with you throughout the process to customize your drive exactly how you want it.

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