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Every July, retailers begin the back-to-school shopping season with new collections of fall fashions. Hundreds of thousands of parents flock to the mall in search of the best deals and newest fashion trends for their children. In order for a department store or retailer to draw in a large number of customers, they must choose to stock the most trendy, up to date fashion choices. A parent is not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy shirts and pants with last season’s styles.

flash drives for the fashion industry

The fashion calender is typically divided into two seasons: spring and fall. Spring tends to run from January to June and Fall runs from July until December. The spring season is important as many people search for the perfect outfits for their summer vacations or for spring functions. The fall season is especially important as people begin back to school and then Christmas shopping.

It becomes very important for retailers to choose merchandise that will attract customers. They will do this by advertising the latest fashions in their weekly circular ads. If their advertisements do draw in a customer, it is equally important that the selections offer a variety for a number of varying customers. A retailer’s job is to draw customers in, but also send them home with a bag full of merchandise. If they fail to offer the fashion choices that the public is looking for, their store’s profit will quickly spiral downward.

With all of these responsibilities in mind, retailers will attend fashion week twice a year. Held every February and September, fashion week serves as a chance for designers to draw attention from the public and also as a way for retailers to view and purchase next season’s products. They will attend fashion shows and view catalogs of merchandise choices by top designers. They will return with thousands of options to choose from.

flash drives for the fashion clothing designerPerhaps looking at a catalog filled with so many different choices could be a daunting task. If a designer has 100 seventies inspired shirts to choose from, how can a retailer make the appropriate choice? He/she may get frustrated in flipping through pages of a catalog. Perhaps the picture doesn’t do the piece of clothing justice. The retailer may not get a clear view of what exactly the piece looks like.

As designers stay up to date, they will have to incorporate environmentally friendly pieces into their fashion lines. They may choose to have an entire line made out of hemp or organic cotton. As retailers also learn to incorporate environmentally friendly products into their stores, they want to see fashion designers saving the planet.

Designers could choose to have their latest fashion pieces saved on a USB flash drive rather than wasting thousands of pieces of paper and ink. They could have their entire Fall line uploaded onto customized, flash drives that would hold thousands of pictures. They could even offer a 360 degree view of a clothing article. They could provide several pictures and perhaps even a small video of the fashion model showing off their designs on the runway.

CFgear could customize flash drives filled with an entire season’s fashion line that the designer could hand out to every prospective retailer. Upon insertion into a computer, INSTARUN technology will pop up a picture of the designer’s choice. Perhaps the designer’s best designed outfit could be the first picture to catch the retailer’s attention.

The retailer could then skim through the flash drive’s contents, looking at every outfit from many different angles. An order form could even be provided on the flash drive.

The designer could have the flash drive customized to immediately catch the retailer’s eye. Perhaps they will choose to have it be color matched to this season’s newest shade of yellow. They could also have their name and even a logo laser etched onto the drive.

Fashion designers thrive on being up to date and current. Rather than handing retailers the same old catalogs, they can display their entire line on an environmentally friendly customized flash drive that will definitely grab the retailer’s attention. With organization and many pictures to look at, choosing apparel for their store couldn’t be easier.

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