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Data Preloading. Custom Imprinting.
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We can take an ordinary flash drive and turn it into a snazzy customized marketing project for you. CFgear's team of expert partners will work hard to give you the product that you want. Even if you just want your logo on a mass order of flash drives, we'll do that for you. But be aware that whatever we do, we do with the utmost care and attention. Even the simplest projects demand the highest of quality control

Flash Drive Solutions for You

Check out the many options we offer for flash drive solutions. If we don't list a feature that you would like for your project, call us at 800.371.1984, and we'll go out of our way to help you.

  • Customization
    Choose from many options to customize your flash drives: pad imprint, TruEtch technology, silk screen, and precise color matching.
  • Duplication
    Using the most advanced software and technology available, CFgear ensures accurate preloading of your content with speedy turnaround time.
  • Preloading
    Pulse technology helps us preload your data accurately, and our custom interfaces provide users with a professional interactive way to see your data.
  • Packaging & Shipping
    We can provide gift boxes, blister packaging, or whatever else you may desire to package your flash drives according to your custom needs.