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Color Logo Printing Solutions for USB Drives

At CFgear, we understand that your marketing efforts affect how consumers look at your organization. Every marketing step you make can either help or hurt this image. We strive not just to put your brand on a flash drive but to work with you each step of the way, directing you to the right flash drive materials (leather, wood, plastic, rubber, metal) and logo imprinting processes to fit your specific situation.

CFgear's precision color printing on flash drives

We’ve worked with many different colors, sizes and shapes of logos in addition to USB flash drives. For firms requiring specific branding parameters, we’re available to bring those to life accurately. For those needing help to identify the most durable, stylish marriage of USB flash drive model together with custom imprint process, our team is ready to consult. No matter how many imprinted flash drives you order, we scrutinize every aspect of logo coloration and detail before production of your custom flash drive project. We employ quality control checks during each imprint process to ensure high durability for every color imprint. Also, we perform scratch and friction-tests to ensure premium resilience of your logo.

Our Solutions Directors will ask you to provide all Pantone® colors used for producing your logo/mark. Required formats for color imprinting of your logo may be either a vector-based Illustrator or Photoshop file. If you require help to refine aspects of your logo, our network of design professionals can assist you to keep your flash drive project moving.

Our custom imprinted USB drive solutions offer long-term value and functionality. We've labored diligently to bundle durable materials and the most advanced techniques in order to help maximize your experience with promotional flash drives.

Details About Your Logo Customization Options

  1. Silk Screen

    Ink is deposited on the body of a drive through a screen made from porous material, creating a hard-edged logo.

  2. Pad Imprint

    Small silicon pads collect a small ink layer, which can be placed onto surfaces of any shape through a one-step imprinting process. This method lets us to print in full color on some of our drives.

  3. Dome Imprint

    The Dome Imprinting process puts an acrylic dome cover over a full color process printed logo. This durable, full color logo option is available for the Magnifico and Swivel models.

  4. Laser Etching

    Aided by a computer, a laser beam (as opposed to a mechanical head or tool) etches a logo or text onto metal drives.

  5. Black Jack Etching

    In Black Jack Etching, our laser combines with a distinctive blend of chemicals, resulting in a black-colored etch available for our silver colored metal USB drives.

  6. Embossing

    We can emboss any of the 3 leather drives in our collection! This process permanently stamps a logo onto the surface of the drive.

  7. Engraving

    Using the Engraver, we can trace the outline of any logo or add text to any of our metal flash drives.