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Customize Your Flash Drive with a Laser Etched Logo

If you want a high-quality custom flash drive solution, our TruEtch™ solution is perfect for you. Combining both science and art, TruEtch makes your brand stand out in an extraordinary way. Our proprietary TruEtch process lets even the most complex logos be displayed on most any of our metal, leather, and wood USB drive models.

laser etching on metalStarting with a vector-based logo file, the TruEtch process uses high-tech laser etching equipment to place your brand onto a promotional flash drive to attract attention.

USB drives made from leather, metallic properties, and wood are the best products on which to employ our TruEtch™ process. When finished, your customized USB drive project will certainly symbolize class and integrity to the recipients.

Flash drives with wood bodies have consistently grown in popularity because of the increasing desire for green products. Every kind of wood reacts in its own way to the TruEtch laser process. We have taken time to study how the flow and orientation of the wood grain requires process adjustments in addition to how the intensity of the stain will affect the final mark. USB drives having wood casings will etch to flow show the same wood color or become slightly darker. All in all, we seek to deliver USB flash drives that are environmentally-friendly and truly inspirational in their custom craftsmanship.

laser etching on woodEvery one of our metallic USB flash drives has its own distinctive properties. And this makes our fine-tuned TruEtch process even more important. We understand how to balance advanced technology with fine art - how they each are significant to show off brands. Metallic encased drives usually etch in a white or frosted color. We know the technique sometimes comes down to the smallest of details, complete with intricacies surrounding laser velocity, intensity, and the placement and proximity of the metallic material.

With leather, your brand will be permanently and expertly lasered onto the USB drive. Since leather texture and color vary, every etching requires meticulous attention to detail. As a general rule, darker leather generally etches in a somewhate lighter shade. Depending on its suppleness, lighter leather may etch darker. The final result is a collection of high quality, wonderfully unique custom USB flash drives that show off your brand with splendor. This is a modern example of craftsmanship that we delight to deliver to our clients over and over.

If you’re searching for the most durable, classic customized USB flash drives, CFgear's TruEtch™ technology is the perfect choice. From small to large orders, we’ve proven our commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship.

To find out pricing for our proprietary TruEtch™ technology, please mention laser etching in the comments section when filling out the pricing form.

Details of Logo Customization

  1. Silk Screen

    Ink is deposited on the body of a drive through a screen made from porous material, creating a hard-edged logo.

  2. Pad Imprint

    Small silicon pads collect a small ink layer, which can be placed onto surfaces of any shape through a one-step imprinting process. This method lets us to print in full color on some of our drives.

  3. Dome Imprint

    The Dome Imprinting process puts an acrylic dome cover over a full color process printed logo. This durable, full color logo option is available for the Magnifico and Swivel models.

  4. Laser Etching

    Aided by a computer, a laser beam (as opposed to a mechanical head or tool) etches a logo or text onto metal drives.

  5. Black Jack Etching

    In Black Jack Etching, our laser combines with a distinctive blend of chemicals, resulting in a black-colored etch available for our silver colored metal USB drives.

  6. Embossing

    We can emboss any of the 3 leather drives in our collection! This process permanently stamps a logo onto the surface of the drive.

  7. Engraving

    Using the Engraver, we can trace the outline of any logo or add text to any of our metal flash drives. add a personal touch to any of the metal drives in the CFgear arsenal.