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Preloading Video, Graphics & Data onto Flash Drives

Preload options for USB drivesWe have developed various levels of data preload solutions for organizations that desire to promote their brands further than merely a printed logo. Since we know much about how flash drives work and how many organizations have made USB drives work for them, we are able to refine flash drive preload solutions that are sensible in terms of affordability and ease of use.

The world looks to USB flash drives for more than just file transfer and storage. Many companies are realizing the potential of extending their brand promotion to the inside of flash drives. Through this technique, brands can resonate with customers on various levels, using powerpoint presentations, videos, links to websites, as well as other digital content. We’ve worked hard to develop smart solutions involving everything from entire music albums to extensive corporate video. Data preloads help make an already functional marketing tool a rich source for user-friendly information, driving home your communication objectives.

Please contact one of our Solutions Directors to learn more about how you can use a preload interface for your brand, .


CFgear's Pulse Preload SolutionsAfter our extensive experience preloading USB drives, we came up with a name for our preloading service. Pulse™ preloading sends your message, the way you want it, when the user plugs the USB drive into a computer. Preloading also helps to lessen the excessive waste from the millions of marketing promotionals printed and discarded every year.

Preload Solutions for Your Flash Drive

Pulse™ Preloading

We provide a wide range of powerful preloading options for you. Audio, video, photos, PowerPoint, text--whatever type of file you want, we can preload it. We even have a non-erasable option (depending upon volumes) that prevents the recipient from erasing the content from the USB drive. Contact us to learn more about our basic preload services. Also, view our advanced preload interface options.

INSTARUN™ Technology*

This technology automatically displays your preloaded content as soon as the user plugs the USB drive into a computer.

*Because of variations in hardware and software, INSTARUN™ may not work on all computers. Please contact a Solutions Director to find out more.

Custom F: Drive

Even more options for customization! With the Custom F: Drive option, your organization's name and/or logo displays for the F: drive whenever you insert the USB drive into a PC. Learn more about our Custom F: Drive solution.