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Create a Custom F: Drive Icon for Your Flash Drive

A small but noticeable way to customize your flash drive is a custom “F: drive” icon. When you insert a flash drive into your computer's USB slot, it usually displays under Devices with Removable Storage as the “Removable Disk (F:).” A standard removable storage icon accompanies this generic label. You can customize both the icon and the logo to add yet another personal touch of your brand.

We require a label/name up to 13* characters long along with a jpeg file of your logo in order to achieve a customized F: drive icon that looks professional.

*The 13 character limit is specific to the computer itself.

Click on the images to see bigger examples.

Standard F: Computer Drive Label & Icon

Standard F Drive Icon

Customized F: Computer Drive Label & Icon

Custom F Drive Icon

Custom F: Drive Icon Details

1) The Custom F: drive solution is not compatible with Macintosh yet. The Custom F: Drive label and logo will not work on Apple computers.

2) Because of the limited space set aside for the custom icon/image, the Custom F: Drive image might not appear as clear as the original jpeg file. Ask a Solutions Director to show you a sample.

3) To make the Custom F: drive logo/text show up, two files need to appear on your flash drive. The first is an icon or image file that represents your desired image. The second file is a code file that controls the Custom F: Drive solution. Those files cannot be hidden within a folder, or else they will not work correctly. However, you can label these files however you wish so you can minimize confusion for the recipient.

Two files (autorun & icon) that need to appear on your USB drive

Files Required to Appear on Your Flash Drive