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StickyDrive™ - Advanced Flash Drive Interface

For those seeking the most advanced, flexible, powerful preload solution available, we’ve worked with the leader in customized flash drive interfaces to provide the StickyDrive™.

You can remotely update this interface: change the interface design, video, images or other content within the interface, together with the documents preloaded onto the drive. Those who use the flash drives automatically obtain the new information when they plug the USB drive into a computer with an internet connection.

Find out how well your USB drive marketing program is doing through detailed tracking reports that contain data on the frequency and types of use, including website click-through activity, documents launched from the drive, number of times the drive is used, etc.

The StickyDrive™ USB interface can display any content viewable on the Internet (Flash presentation, video, PowerPoint, and animation). The various functions available (photo viewers, music player, etc.) make this a useful tool for the recipient. The entire experience remains branded, even when using the drive for personal activities.

Preload Interface Options for Flash Drives