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Donita, a teacher with the Omaha Public School system, shares the following in her entry for our Flash Drive Giveaway Contest:

I am a middle school science teacher for 8th grade in Omaha Ne. Last year our school received a technology grant for the science and math departments. The science department now has its own computer lab which has opened up a world of opportunities for our students. We are now able to incorporate technology into their standards.

students use flash drives with science computer projectsBecause we now have the computer lab, the expectations for projects are greater. These projects range from simple web quests, to report writing, power point and brochures, and doing a My Own Science Project.

[The My Own Science Project] is one that students come up with on their own, perform any necessary experiments, and turn in a “final project” of their choice. This is also a project that is done outside of class with just a few in-class workdays.

Some of our students do have their own flash drives and computers at home, but a majority do not. If I had flash drives I could check out to students for their MOS projects, I think it would increase the quality of projects. I have open work days after school for them, and, if they could “take their projects with them” while they are working on them, I think the learning would improve!

Thank you, Donita, for sharing your passion for your students to succeed! We wish you the best with the contest!

If you’re interested in entering your group to win twenty five 1 Gb custom logo USB drives, just pop over to and share how your group would use the drives if you won.

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