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A teacher from the Blue Ridge School District of Pennsylvania recently submitted the following as an entry into our monthly flash drive giveaway contest:

As an English teacher, I require my students to complete various modes of writing and multi-media projects utilizing classroom laptops. One of the statements I hear over and over from students, however, is that they are unable to cohesively finish their work at home.

free flash drives for schoolsWhy, you ask. Well, the majority of my students cannot afford USBs to save the work they complete in class. As a result, their homework ends up including rewriting from a printout of the work they accomplished in class in order to complete the project at home before printing out a finished product to hand in. In some cases, students are unable to tweak their work outside of class (while some of the peers can) because some of our multi-media projects cannot be printed out at home.

Another limitation for this process is that our school blocks access to sites that might allow students to upload their work for use at home and vice versa. In any case, the whole process would just require less hassles if my students had access to USBs they could borrow for the duration of a writing and/or multi-media project.

Therefore, I ask that you consider my 11th grade students for receipt of the “Flash Drive Giveaway.” You would be helping our educational process move forward!

Thanks, Kim, for entering our contest! Each month, we randomly select an entry and reward that group with 25 free flash drives (1 Gb drives with the org’s custom logo). If you’re interested in entering our flash drive giveaway, just hop on over to our contest site at

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