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organize your wedding with flash drivesAs an engaged couple sits to plan their entire wedding, there are many choices and decisions to be made. The decisions range from the caterer, DJ, photographer, pianist, colors, wedding party, and so on. Usually, the one that stands out the most above others in their field will get the job.

Often times, the couple will meet with a few different photographers before making a decision. Usually, these meetings involve the photographer bringing 10 different photo albums and frames to show off his/her previous work. They are usually heavy and difficult to carry around from place to place. The couple will have to huddle together to look at the same picture.

Couples will also meet with several different caterers who will sit and discuss prices, ingredients, meats, and many other options. They will usually bring folders of papers that hold this information.

The DJ will usually bring a laptop and a whole case full of cds. He will have to put one cd in to hear one song, remove it, and insert another for a different song. It can make the process drag on and on.

By this time, the couple has been overwhelmed with so many different choices, books, folders, cds, and papers. They usually don’t remember what each one specifically offered or their prices. They usually have to call back and hear about their options and prices yet another time before they most likely just make a random decision.

However, for the business owner, it could be beneficial to gain an edge against his/her competitors by compiling all of the necessary information onto a flash drive. It could include samples of pictures, music, or food dishes. They could be viewed easily and quickly. The flash drive could include a listing of all different types of packages available along with prices. During their initial meeting, the business owner could plug the flash drive into a laptop or home computer and show off all of his talent. Carrying a small, portable device would be a lot easier than dragging 10 different photo albums.

What could impress the couple even more and help in their decision process would be to give the flash drive to the couple. CFgear can allow a business owner to customize a unique, eye-catching flash drive that won’t be forgotten by the customers. A flash drive can come in several different colors, shapes, and sizes. It can be made of leather, metal, wood, or plastic. The business owner’s name and contact information can be printed or laser-engraved onto the drive. A logo could also be included.

By handing the couple a customized CFgear flash drive, the business owner can guarantee that they won’t forget him or his services. They can look over what he has to offer without having 50 pieces of paper around them. They even get a free flash drive that can be used for future purposes. The decision won’t be so overwhelming. The owner will look professional, organized, and probably stand out among his competitors.

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