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At CFgear we get a large amount of requests for custom USB flash drives from around the world. We ship orders daily to Canada, Mexico and Germany nearly every day from CFgear, and we ship about once per week to another 15-20 locations around the world!

Recently we completed yet another logo imprinted USB flash drive project for the Ritz Carlton organization in the Grand Cayman Islands. (Please excuse the poor image quality above)

CFgear has produced custom USB flash drives for the Ritz Carlton organization for more than 10 years, and we deliver to more than 20 locations worldwide. The Ritz Carlton organization uses CFgear USB flash drives to ensure their loyal guests get to enjoy all the amenities and classic comfort their hotel properties are known for.

The best part of customized USB flash drives from CFgear and the Grand Cayman Islands? Hand delivery directly from our factory in Sioux Falls, SD never felt so right in the middle of January!

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