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There are many dads of the world who deserve the “Dad of the Year” award. From coaching Little League to providing food and shelter for their families, dads deserve to be praised.

Whether it is Father’s Day or a typical Thursday, every dad will appreciate the surprise of a customized USB drive to organize their busy lives.

Fathers everywhere will be able to use their customized USB drives for a multitude of purposes.

Many dads use computers to document their work. A USB drive is convenient for them to transfer their work from the home office to the work office. They can save documents, presentations, and any information needed. With easy accessibility, they can update projects and transfer documents from computer to computer.

If the dad is a coach or participates in an organization with his child, he can save important documents on a USB drive. From Boy Scout meetings to scores of soccer games, a USB drive is an ideal place to keep everything organized. This information can then be shared with other parents within the club or team.

Many fathers enjoy cooking and grilling. A USB drive is a great place to store favorite recipes or ones he wants to try. He can also keep reviews of past recipes and easily share the best ones with friends and family by sharing the USB drive.

Photographs are important to every family. Dads can save pictures from vacations or special events on a USB drive. From the drive, the photographs can easily be shared with relatives or transferred to their work office. Photographs can also be printed off the USB drive and placed on the dad’s desk as a daily reminder of his children and family.

Some dads enjoy listening to music. A USB drive can store MP3 files to play from computer to computer. They can also save lyrics if the father is a musician or recordings from his band. The songs and files can then be shared with his friends and played as often as he wishes.

Saving memories and favorite things are important to every family. As the years pass, an award winning dad can preserve the good times and memories on his customized USB drive.

Customization is available from CFgear for every type of USB thumb drive imaginable. From custom USB drives in the shapes of airplanes, apples, and guitars to sleek, professional USB drives embedded with a motto or name, the possibilities are endless when designing the perfect customized USB drive for the perfect father. Other customizing options include: adding a logo or graphic, changing the color or adding a photograph, and determining the size and storage space of the USB drive.

CFgear offers a wide variety in our customized flash drives. We pre-load information and create custom flash drive exteriors. Put a name and logo on the drive or opt to engrave a special message to any special dad. The sky is the limit with CFgear. We’re based out of South Dakota and do as much in-country production as possible. CFgear is here to support fathers as they set examples for their families. For more information and to start customizing a unique USB, visit contact us today by calling 800-371-1984.

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