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What type of message is your promotional flash drive sending about your company? Maybe you just purchased a whole bunch of generic, plain flash drives to hand out. You don’t necessarily think that the quality or design of a promotional product will affect your clients’ opinions.

However, if you are going to hand out promotional flash drives to potential clients, consider that they represent the company and you. What message does a plain, poorly constructed flash drive send to that client? Most likely, they can cast a judgment on you based on that flash drive. If you aren’t really concerned with the quality and appearance of a promotional item, how concerned are you with your actual product which you hope to sell that client?

Next time you decide to hand out promotional flash drives, custom design them so that potential clients or customers appreciate the quality and thought you have put into them. Choose your supplier carefully. Some flash drive distributors claim they’ll manufacture the flash drives in a wide variety of colors after they receive your order. However, in reality, they are simply using stock drives with possibly old technology. CFgear ensures that each order is fresh and custom made.

Also, beware of companies that use old or recycled NAND memory chips. While they may be considerably cheaper, the low cost can mean a higher risk for failure and even a shorter life span. CFgear only uses new NAND chips for each and every order.

Also, consider the exterior appearance. Many flash drive distributors claim to use only metal and anti-scratch housing. However, a simple glance at the plastic key chain connectors should lead you to realize that the drive is actually made from hardened plastic, not metal. Be sure to know what you are getting up front.

When it comes to a promotional piece, take full concern that this piece represents your company. Do not trust purchasing bulk flash drives from just any company that will slap together the order. What happens when the plastic flash drive fails in a few weeks? That customer will immediately recognize that you opted for the cheap route and, in turn, neglected quality.

When it comes to customization, creativity will make you stand out from among your competitors. You could simply choose to purchase a standard size and shape flash drive. But, what fun is that? Instead, have a creative member of your company draw up a design. For example, our team at CFgear has recently created flash drives in the shape of a carrot for the launch of an organic food store. We have also done flash drives in the shape of a wine bottle, hamburger, and even people.

If you can draw the creation, chances are the CFgear team will work with you to achieve the design. This is your time to catch potential customers’ eyes and get their attention. Create a customized flash drive that radiates quality and represents your company well.

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