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CFgear is happy to announce the third major upgrade to flash drive technology! The USB 3.0 is here, and we’re excited to have added it to our extensive catalog of quality USB flash drives! Our popular Swivel drive now comes packed with even more promotional power. What exactly does that mean? It translates into an increased data-transfer potential without slowing you down—and it’s still the size of a relatively small thumb.

Our Swivel 3.0, just like our original Swivel drive, comes with size potential ranging from 16 GB to 256 GB and has a body made from durable rubberized hard plastic and an aluminum arm that — you guessed it — swivels. Standard colors include black, blue, silver, red, and yellow, and custom colors are available. Front and back imprint areas are 25mm by 12mm, and standard imprinting includes either laser etching or 1- to 3-color silk screening.

Most USB flash drives made since 2000 have been USB 2.0s. The new USB 3.0s have connections that allow users to transfer much larger collections of data more quickly than the 2.0s allowed. The transfer rates of a typical 2.0 ranges from 2 to 20 MB per second, for writing, to 10-30 MB per second, for reading. Technically, its maximum speed is 48Mbps, whereas the 3.0’s speed is a whopping 480Mbps! No wonder some are calling it the “SuperSpeed USB”!

In addition to its high-speed capabilities, its redesigned power management allows for charging capabilities that leave the 2.0 in the dust of the last decade. Instead of being limited to 100 milliamps of power, the 3.0 can put out 900 milliamps to power up even the most intense tablets and other gadgets. Durability is also heightened, due to an increased number of cycles the 3.0s can handle.

Unlike so many technology upgrades, this one has been developed with something we all wish everything included — backwards compatibility, meaning that you can use a USB 3.0 flash drive in a USB 2.0 port and vice versa. While a 3.0 in a 2.0 port won’t allow transfers quite as fast as a 3.0 in a 3.0 port, you’ll notice a vast improvement over a 2.0 flash drive. Our independent studies have found that both read and write speeds are about 5 times as fast as those of a 2.0 drive.

According to our in-house testing, the 3.0 can mean moving 100 MP3s in less than 10 seconds, instead of over an hour. A digital movie could be transferred in less than a minute with a 3.0, whereas saving the same file onto a 2.0 could take all day. Standard 256 GB 3.0 drives can hold any of the following collections of data:
• 10 Blu-rays
• 54 DVDs
• 48,000 MP3s
• 51,000 image files

Are you as excited about this new technological advancement as we are? With CFgear helping you promote your organization, you could be the first to put a 3.0 into your customers’ or target clients’ hands and wow them with your cutting-edge expertise.

To learn more about our USB 3.0 flash drives, call us today at (800) 371-1984.

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