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successful winery promotion with customized flash drives

You just opened a brand new winery, and you want to get clients. You believe you have a unique wine that you would like people to try, as well as the regular favorites, such as Pinot Grigio and Merlot. You can advertise your place on a billboard, and you’ll probably get a few internet searches from that. The newspaper and the internet are also places to advertise, but you’re not necessarily guaranteed to bring in the community, which is something that you also want to do. You have a variety of events and groups that you want to advertise, and who best to share such a wonderful experience than with those around you? Why not consider doing something completely out of the norm to bring in the community? Create an audience analysis of the people you’d like to invite, and research the area and its demographics to find those people. Once you have your list, the fun part begins.

local winery promotion campaignsYou can create different fliers that highlight groups, such as your Wine-and-Dine club where you pair up with the local culinary school one night a week and guests can come to eat and drink wine, your book club that meets once a month to taste a different type of wine and discuss that month’s book, or your Countryside Wine trip where guests can sign up for an afternoon picnic and wine tasting in the countryside. Make your fliers creative, colorful, and attractive so people will enjoy reading them.

Then, contact the team here at CFgear to create custom flash drives in bulk, perhaps even in the shape of your wine bottles with your branding on the outside. We can help you create an interface that pops up as soon as the person plugs the flash drive in where they will see your logo or a picture of your winery. The CFgear flash drive experts can upload your fliers to the interface, add a link to your website, include information about your winery, add videos of your process, if you want, and you can even add a music player with a selected play list on already. Then, you can send these flash drives out to the community as your unique form of advertising.

Not only are you able to promote your winery and the programs you offer for the community, but you also give that person a gift that they can continue using day after day. You can leave room on the flash drive for people to add their own folders and files, and they can even add their own songs to the music player you included. You’ll be promoting your winery in such a way that will have people talking, and you might come to find that those who didn’t receive the flash drives in the mail will request flash drives when they come to visit your winery.

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